Designing the interiors of your home

Designing the interiors of your home

The world of interior design is fast changing with new trends and styles hitting the block every day. keeping updated with these changes isn’t practical when it comes to styling your home. So, how you can you create a space that is comfortable and functional to your needs. Well, there is an approach that most designers implement which are the implementation of a few design fundamentals to ensure that your home designed to meet your design goals.

Designers in the field of interior design make use of these design fundamentals for every interior project. Now, these principles have diverse implementation therefore it can be used for any style concept or design you wish to design. Remember, these fundamentals remain the same and are versatile.

Planning begins with first using the architectural features in the room such as the placement of the walls, windows, doorways, columns, beams, etc. Allow  for plenty of natural light to enter the room. A rough layout can be planned based on these two factors. Spend time on the type of layout you wish to have in the room. Focus on functionality and practicality rather than only focusing on style or appearance. For a living room, the layout should encourage conversation and easy passage through and fro, for a bedroom the layout should be planned keeping in mind how your preferences to relaxing in the space are.

Choose colors keeping in mind that it has a huge impact on the way we behave or on the mood it can create. Few rooms such as the kitchen, dinning area or passageways work well in brighter colors unlike bedrooms or the study. For artificial lighting, have a plan that is preferably in layers so as to accommodate various types of lighting to create different atmosphere.


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