Ideal layout for your kitchen space

Ideal layout for your kitchen space

Modular kitchens in Goa have been very popular over the years. This rise  is credited mainly due to the fact that these pre-manufactured installations are readily available in multiple styles and colors in retail stores. Customers can simple pick and choose their styles and finishes and have their units assembled in a few days. A kitchen design expert will visit your home and first inspect the kitchen area and accordingly make the necessary recommendations for an ideal layout. Cabinetry can be chose in finishes of wood, plywood and particle boards. These are available in different layouts such as L-shaped, straight, U shaped and peninsula styled kitchens. There are also a various hardware options as well for handles and rack that are available in particle board and stainless steel options. For countertop options, these would need to be made to measure according to the dimensions of the kitchens.  Countertops are available in marble and granite options are available at Enfold

The layout needs to be planned in accordance to the architectural layout of the room. Allow for plenty of natural light to enter the room also pay close attention to the colors you would like to select.  The kitchen triangle that consists of the stove, refrigerator and the sink should be placed according to your preferences. The layout also needs to have sufficient artificial lighting in the layout to avoid any shadows while cooking.  Allow for adequate ventilation to get rid of kitchen odours easily.


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